Fair Share Tuition

Income based tuition that works for your family

Tuition Policy

Tuition is based on your income and the number of people in your household. You can determine the tuition for each child enrolling by looking at the chart on the Tuition Schedule.

Once you are accepted, please submit a non-refundable $30 deposit per child to hold your seat along with a copy of your most current IRS Tax Transcript. The deposit will go toward school supplies upon acceptance. The school will review your Tax Transcript and verify your tuition contribution in writing. Tuition is paid in ten monthly installments from August 1 through May 1.

Tuition is due on the first day of each month. Parents who have not paid after the 14th of each month must keep their child at home until the tuition bill is paid. Please keep the school office aware if you believe you will be late to pay your child’s Fair Share Tuition.